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My project as a painter is part of a real inner journey.

My paintings are strange, very colorful, not at all minimalist and sober as abstract painting can be. Color explodes, shapes are complex, no painting is easy to read. However, it is this path that I have recently taken on as an artist  ! 

I am conscious of being partly a formless squirrel stemming from all my perceptions and emotions. The figuration implies a vision, a graphic project. Today, I create driven by a completely different impulse  : to objectify this interior vagueness which escapes me to myself.

At first the conflict

I learned during my studies very specific, rare, combinable techniques. I acquired a repertoire of know-how  unique, sharp. My passion for the processes of engraving, printmaking, workshop work (laboratory, almost) and my skills in this area have often put me in trouble because creatively, I was not satisfied with this what I was doing with these learned techniques. If I think of returning one day to the work of the print, for the moment I explore a very different way, the re-discovery of which was an immense relief.  : the painting.

Breakup and release

I started painting again when I moved to Montreal, Canada, in 2017. I had previously abandoned drawing and all graphic creation. In this culture of positive, benevolent 'doing', I learned little by little to trust myself and to let go of my desires, beyond judgment. It was then that implausible colors were born on my canvases, contrasting cascades, according to my sudden impulses. Produced with plastic principles as guidelines, ideas to be tested, my paintings have become the fruit of astonished and exhilarating explorations.

Now I paint…abstract

Abstraction allowed me to give body and shape to what I didn't know how to draw but was there, ready to go out  : a riot of indescribable emotions, a formless latent magma. A purely figurative graphic work cannot accurately render my inner bubbling. On the other hand, the color, their interactions, the variations of textures and depths are the adequate ambassadors to speak to you heart to heart, of my sensitivity to yours.

An always unexpected end result

This translation of me in color is not only possible because I do not represent any identifiable and precise object (some of my works are also semi-abstract), but because my creative process itself involves a large part of improvisation. Emotion is born, takes color, materializes, and perhaps reaches you, because it expressed itself and without calculation. Painting abstract allows me to let the color and shapes dictate the evolution of my canvas. Each new gesture opens doors, plastic paths that I am free to follow or not. But this choice is made instinctively  – not by chance, but freed from a predefined visual result to be achieved.

Free art, sincere art  : from me to  you

Painting abstract relieves me because it can only be sincere. Staff. Thus, each painting is for me both an exciting territory of experimentation and a confidence. For you, I hope, they will be vehicles for the dream, the emotion, the imagination… All those things that pass through us out of control, freely, and thirst for an echo.

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